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The Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards (IUSRA) help organizations hire an undergraduate-level researcher for 12-16 weeks to undertake a project of importance to the firm. Participating organizations are private sector for-profit companies. Please consult the This link will take you to another Web site Guidelines for Organizations Participating in NSERC Industrial Training Programs.

Use of funds Salary for student researcher
Who manages funds? The company pays the funds and issues the T4 or T4A directly to the student. NSERC pays its contribution directly to the company at the end of the work period.
Duration of award 12 to 16 consecutive weeks of student employment on a full-time basis
Approximate application success rate Approximately 90%
Typical grant range NSERC provides a maximum of $4,500 for a 16-week work term
Type of partners required Canadian-based private sector, for-profit organizations
Minimum company cash contribution Contribute a minimum of 25 percent to the award value. The company is responsible for the resources to pay the student's salary in full for the duration of the work term and will be reimbursed by NSERC.
Who submits the application The designated company representative submits the application electronically to NSERC using This link will take you to another Web site NSERC's on-line System
Intellectual property ownership The company retains all titles and rights to the results of the student's work. The company's patent policies apply to any patentable inventions.
Application deadline At least four weeks before the scheduled start date of the student's work term. See the This link will take you to another Web site IUSRA application instructions for more information
Evaluation method NSERC internal evaluation
Status of the award holder Employee of the company for the duration of the award
Reporting At the end of the work term, the company must submit comments on the experience to NSERC through an online survey. Payment is issued upon approval of this report.

Either the company or the student may initiate the application process. Companies can select candidates based on interviews or other sources of information.

Students must be supervised by full-time employees of the company. They may hold IUSRAs during co-op placements.

For more information, please refer to the This link will take you to another Web site Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards description.